Chicago Public Library Makerlab

Chicago Public Library Makerlab

This weekend I am in Chicago. I’m going to be moving here from Boston at the end of the month and I’m here this week for a conference.  Since I am here, I figured I’d get a few errands done ahead of my move. One such errand was to pick up my library card.

While visiting the Chicago Public Library I stumbled upon a Makerlab!

I was pleasantly surprised when one of guys from the lab came out to give me the low down on the space, the equipment, and the workshops. The most interesting and Plantbot relevant thing about the Makerlab in CPL is that the laser cutter is free to use!

The laser cut wood structure is actually a significant portion of the cost to build Plantbot and while using the CPL Makerlab laser cutter is no scalable, it will make the next round of Plantbot Beta units that I assemble a bit cheaper.

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